Marcelo vigo

Voice of the Plants

In Marcelo’s singing sessions, the healing energies of his Amazonian teacher-plant spirits are channeled, through his voice, to remove unwanted energies, align thoughts and energies, and soothe the heart to heal emotional trauma. This puts you in alignment with your true self and your spiritual mission.These plant spirits are humankind’s most compassionate and dedicated allies and they are very eager to help us heal and grow as human beings. His preparation for this work is done through a traditional practice, from the Peruvian amazon called SAMA, where the apprentice goes into deep communion with specific plant spirits, for months at a time, to learn and heal.The changes brought about by these sessions can be subtle but vital (or life-changing) and can affect the participant on a mental, emotional, and physical level.Each session starts with a quick intake of what the participants would like to focus on and ends with a mutual sharing of feedback.